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How To Keep Beautiful And Healthy Hands And Feet?

Enjoy with us a wide range of cosmetic service around your hands and feet. In addition to a comfortable foot care, the removal of corns and thorns calluses or the treatment of wooden nails as well as the professional donning of clips for ingrown nails as well as a manicure and relaxing arm and leg massages. Do something good for yourself and the most stressed body parts and enjoy it.

A regular care of hands and feet affects the overall well-being. By the way: well-groomed feet and hands are also the basis for well-being.

Our hands and feet have a lot of hardships every day and need good care throughout their lives. In this theme world you will learn how to perform the right pedicure and manicure and eliminate common symptoms and problems such as nail fungus, corns, cornea and cracks. Tips for proper care of the child’s feet and feet or in the case of diabetes are treated in the same way as instructions for proper nutrition and the coordinated care of the hands and feet during the different seasons. Topics such as sun protection and the correct nails complete our theme world so that you can benefit from attractive hands and feet during all phases of your life.

Helper From The Kitchen

From time to time you can treat your feet with a special mask. You can also make these yourself: Crush a ripe avocado and apply the pulp to your feet. With a small foot massage, not only does the care work optimally, it also stimulates blood circulation. After about 15 minutes you can simply rinse the foot mask with lukewarm water.

Apply Nail Polish Immediately After The Foot Bath

First, the care, then the nail polish: This is the typical pedicure process. What many do not know: between footbath and varnishing you should wait at least a quarter of an hour. This is how long the feet (and toenails) need to dry completely and properly absorb the nail polish.

Dry Feet Exfoliate

A foot scrub is not only very pleasant, but also helps to remove dander and cornea. But there is one important thing to keep in mind: Soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes before applying the exfoliant. For dry feet, the peeling is too strong and can inflame the sensitive skin.

The Right Hand Cream

Hand cream is very important for a balanced hand care. A good hand cream should contain glycerine and urea. Urea is particularly suitable for people with very dry hands, because it binds the moisture in the skin. She butter and olive oil in hand creams are also very popular. They provide fatty acids that calm and regenerate.

Not only hands but also fingernails should be creamed on a regular basis to prevent dehydration. If you use nail polish, make sure it never stays on your nails for too long, and then take a break from varnishing. It can happen that the nails yellowish by too frequent varnishing. That’s why you should always use a transparent, protective base coat under the nail polish anyway.

Protect Hands

If you work in the home or in the garden and have a lot of contact with water, you can protect your hands with air-permeable gloves. This way you avoid that the skin is unnecessarily attacked, dries out too much and the nails swell up. Also avoid direct skin contact with aggressive detergents.

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